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Our office is located in beautiful downtown Suttons Bay, inside the Radio Shack.

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There are 3 sources of problems with computers; hardware, software, and users. We pride ourselves is Computer Service, Repair and Training so we eagerly address all 3 areas of concern.

PCs, Macs, Smartphones, Tablets and eReaders

Our team of technicians have over 37 years of experience in helping residents and visitors of Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties keep their machines up and running!

Why Leelanau Computer Repair?

We've local, knowledgeable and honest.
Don't trust just anybody with repairing your computer

One of the troubling situations that is hitting Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties is users responding to random pop-ups on their computer indicating the computer has been infected by viruses. Sometimes the pop-up is just text but in other cases there is a very scary audio message. A phone number is provided to call for assistance. The message directs the user not to close their browser or turn off the computer for fear of damaging the unit. This is a SCAM! All too often the user calls the scammer and allows them to remotely take control of their computer. After that, there is no telling how much damage they can do and in the end, they will charge large sums of money to release the computer back to the user's control. Friends don't let friends talk with scammers and hackers. Do not call the number on your screen. Instead, call Leelanau Computer Repair and we'll walk you through the process of clearing the pop-up preventing the scammer from taking control of your computer. Let us help. We are here today and we will be here tomorrow.

  • PC Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Mac Repair

Meet the Team

Steve Stanton started Leelanau Computer Repair in MONTH of YEAR. Since starting, he's brought on his son-in-law James Kohler to assist.
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House Call Technician, The Face of the Business
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Lead Technician

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